"I'm your hometown Longmont native running for City Council because I believe we need to put policies that affect our city above partisan politics!"

Matt Garrett Longmont City Council Candidate At Large 2019 Colorado

There will be something for everyone and everything for no one. All voices and opinions deserve a chance to be heard. Positions from one side of the political spectrum are not all wrong and certainly not all right. There has to be room for all sides to be respected and one side should not totally dominate.

Those in position to decide policy are stewards, not dictators. Leaders still lead all and ought not to blindly advance one agenda to the complete disregard of the other. There will be many instances when the best ideas come from the least likely places and ought to be carefully considered.

“Some For All, All For None!”


Business, commerce and economic development
Longmont’s small businesses need to have major support from all city government, using every resource available to promote local purchasing.
City government should not be obstructionists. Large and small corporations representing a broad range of business models should all feel welcome, knowing they will not have unnecessary, unreasonable burdens put upon them. If they’ve met the criteria, move forward.
Traffic & RTD
Traffic congestion is out of control & has been for some time. You almost need an algorithm to navigate parts of the city & who wants to be on Ken Pratt Blvd on a Saturday? We’re chasing the problem. It’s time to get moving on new, bold proposals and ideas addressing this issue. RTD shouldn’t be getting funds for something they can’t possibly provide. How did we get to the point where 30+ years to get a train was OK? However, we can support the portion thatworks and makes sense.

Residential development & open space

Check out the master open space plan map, below. The highlighted pink is Boulder County owned open-space. Shocking! Boulder County has almost land-locked Longmont. There is an open-space wall being built around the city. Our ability to expand is seriously limited. This creates huge issues for building affordable housing as well as housing in general by escalating costs because space is valuable and limited. People & families who can’t afford a half million dollar houses still need to be able to live here. We have to incentivize developers in a reasonable way while allowing them to provide the housing we so desperately need. Excessive open-space will actually lead to urban sprawl & more cars on the road because biking & walking won’t be viable.

Matt Garrett Longmont City Council Candidate At Large 2019 Colorado
Oil & Gas & Fracking
Colorado already has the most comprehensive laws governing oil & gas development & fracking. This is not only a public health issue, which I believe is wholly legitimate, but it is also a personal property rights issue. Personal property rights is foundational to our society. I’ve been to places around the world where those rights are not honored & has devastating results.

Renewable/sustainable energy & environmental issues

Matt Garrett Longmont City Council Candidate At Large 2019 ColoradoWhile we are almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels to power our society, I do think it extremely important to move as quickly as possible to cleaner, more efficient, safer alternatives. Innovation in this area ought to be a top priority in order to allow a smooth transition. Research, development and application will produce a significant number of jobs. Until such a time, we obviously can’t discontinue our use of fossil fuels; it’s simply not feasible or practical. Honest debate, approach & analysis have to rule the discussion. Given the right tools, proper funding & enough incentive & time, brilliant, talented, gifted people who are driven will come up with viable alternatives,
I’m very concerned about the environment. I live here! I’ve seen places where the environment is not taken care of: trash clogged rivers in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya where the water actually is on fire, rivers that empty trash into the ocean in otherwise beautiful beaches in South America, rail lines littered with waste for miles in Ukraine & entire mountain ranges stripped of trees in Africa-it’s heartbreaking and awful. I can assure you, no one wants that! I about have a meltdown every time I see a giant, old tree getting cut down in old town Longmont.
I recently participated in a debate with my city council at-large opponents.  Watch that video here:


I was born and raised in Longmont! I’ve lived and worked here my entire life except for a few years in my twenties, Longmont has always been home. I’ve watched it grow and change. I’ve traveled the world and can proudly say Longmont is uniquely wonderful!

I’m a 28 year driver for UPS & I know every part of this city. I’ve had the same route for 22 years and have interacted with downtown business owners, and know well their successes, concerns and struggles. I’m currently in my 21st year as a union steward for Teamsters Local 455 and officiated high school and college basketball for 20 years all over Colorado, primarily along the entire front range. All this has given me years of valuable experience and insight in tough situations and has allowed me to develop my positions from a broad range of situations.

Matt Garrett Longmont City Council Candidate At Large 2019 Colorado
Matt Garrett Longmont City Council Candidate At Large 2019 Colorado


I’m a 1982 graduate of Longmont High School. I’m married with seven adult children; two biological, two stepchildren and three adopted from Ukraine and four grandchildren.

Like most, life has been messy and difficult at times, but it’s mine! I enjoy time with my wife and am active in my church, frequently leading singing. I also enjoy hiking, learning to play guitar, language studies, cycling, walking and can take sitting on the couch to levels that have yet to be explored.